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Advice on making money online in India, how young mediocre frauds with no online experience get prestigious government jobs India in the internet sector, due to fake references of experience by powerful by powerful officials , cheating and exploitation of a really experienced and qualified engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter in India
The hidden shocking but true story which no newspaper or magazine tells

Newspapers carry ads of home online business but few know the real truth about home online business in india, how mediocre inexperienced cheater lazy frauds from powerful blackmailing dishonest families falsely claim ownership of home online business to get very important government jobs by faking twenty years experience when these women have no experience, how they control payment .

Allegedly google, tata, paypal and other internet companies are sponsoring one of the greatest home online business scams in India where greedy mediocre lazy liar women who cheat and commit corporate espionage each falsely claim ownership of the paypal account of the real online exporter, to get appointed to important government jobs, faking qualifications, investment and experience. Experienced webmasters, domain investors are forced to earn revenues from low payout online jobs and websites as all other lucrative websites are controlled by the mediocre friends and relatives of powerful officials

No minimum - No minimum payout jobs
Payment scam - Payment scam, how payment are getting blocked
Fiverr scam - Fiverr scam, how payment was delayed and account closed
Dollarsincome scam - Dollars income scam, how payment are delayed and account closed
Website control - arbitary Website control assignment
Nepostim - Nepotism in website control, payment blocked
Education - wastage of technical education in the internet sector in India, how inexperienced girlfriends acquire prestigious degrees, experience overnight, while competent and well trained engineers, webmasters do not get any opportunity they deserved
Knowledge - wastage of technical knowledge of home online business owners in India
Hatred of powerful officials for home online business owners
Technical qualification of home online business owners in India, defamation

Technical qualification of women how relationships define the qualification, experience of women who are home online business owners, identity theft attempt

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Additionally rampant corruption in the internet sector especially in India will leave most engineers disgusted. An experienced electrical engineer from a top engineering college in India has seen in disgust how her shameless dishonest greedy classmates in the indian internet sector have allegedly given fake refences of twenty years experience to their young lazy cheater girlfriends, who have no work experience as engineers or even online to appoint them to important positions in Indian intelligence agencies like ntro, cbi, military intelligence, raw or ib .
Some examples of flourishing frauds in the internet sector in India are named as
1.bangalore based cheater nayanshree hathwar,wife of guruprasad hathwar, tata power employee according to linkedin profile. ,or even an engineer, but has got fake references as an engineer because of her powerful dishonest friends and a lucrative job, just because she cheated the experienced engineer of her hard earned money.
2. a medical electronics diploma holder in 2012 who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar, who has no work experience, specializing in corporate espionage on people who trust her . but has already got fake references of twenty years experience, a lucrative permanent government job because of her powerful dishonest boyfriends. today the cheater siddhi mandrekar who looks like kim kardashian, instead of being punished, has got the license to steal all correspondence of her victim, indicating the complete lack of morals and honesty in the indian tech sector.
3. a lazy slim bsc pass young woman called sunaina, with no experience or spent any money online , who her powerful dishonest cheater engineer boyfriends falsely claim is an engineer with twenty years experience and was a domain investor, to give her a permanent job, and great powers, at the expense of the experienced engineer who has got nothing
These extremely powerful men in the tech sector refuse to acknowledge their mistake in giving fake references to their cheater young girlfriends , and are busy offering bribes to others to give fake references to their young girlfriends named above.

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