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The basis of assignment of these very great powers remains unknown, but an experienced webmaster who has invested large amounts can guess that the basis of appointment has been
1, friendship with powerful officialsm or if a powerful official is infatuated with a young woman - a classic case for nepotism, which adversely affects the online business owner.
2. reward for cheating, lies, fraud and corporate espionage like the greedy medical electronics diploma holder from goa siddhi mandrekar
3, having powerful relatives and friends
4. ability to cheat and dupe powerful officials like the fraud nayanshree hathwar and her husband guruprasad hathwar , siddhi mandrekar, sunaina

These powers can be very lucrative, and the person having these powers can become very rich, especially if large corporates wants to destroy the small business owner financially , to destroy competition, to acquire talent and technology cheaply. Many of these officials get a lucrative government salary, often due to nepotism and cheating, but are extremely inconsiderate , cruel and selfish, to the plight of a small business owner, who finds his or her funds blocked without a valid reason. Everyone else will be able to withdraw the entire balance in their account, only the small business owner, who is being targetted by large corporates will find the withdrawal blocked,.

many of these greedy lazy incompetent officials do no workm or invest any money , but get credit because of the complete lack of transparency, with powerful officials falsely claiming that their relatives or friends are doing the work, when these lazy women are extremely incompetent, have no skills or values, to earn money from foreign websites.

Yet they are very ungrateful, blocking approval, payment, closing the account without a valid reason. It will be difficult to find such ungrateful, greedy officials anywhere else in the world, who are only interested in enriching themselves, and do not care about the growth of the indian internet sector as a whole

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