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Update: In July 2015, the account for the user whose account screenshot was are provided on this website as proof, was closed without any notice at all, though the user had more than $50 in the account. It appears that Dollarsincome has been very selective in paying users, some users are paid the amount due and others are openly discriminated against and not paid what they should be. In particular allegedly in India, if the intelligence agencies hate the Dollarsincome account holder, the account holder will not be paid.
However at online money making websites like Botnet and Forumcoin, some members are posting their payment proof trying to encourage users to sign up for the website, so that they can fool others to do work for Dollarsincome for free. It appears that doing work for Dollarsincome is like a lottery, similar to Bubblesome members will be paid, and others will not get anything at all.Hence avoid using Dollarsincome, use other more reliable websites which will pay members the amount that will be due.
Account balance for payment scam

Discrimination for Payment scam

Dollar income scam 2014
Dollarsincome is another website where payment was blocked selectively without a valid reason, indicating that certain webmasters are selectively targetted to maximize their online losses. We had opened the account only on trial basis for review, as we wish to feature reliable work at home opportunities for our work at home website.

When we request cashout to paypal, in 2014, it indicates that though there is $51.94 balance in our account, they falsely claim that they are short of funds, and can only pay $2, out of which they will charge 40% commission, leaving us with only $1.2

India is one of the poorest countries but a huge wastage of technical education and knowledge of online business owners takes place because of the jealousy, ego and hatred of powerful officials who falsely claim that their mediocre unqualified girlfriends like BBM brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar have educational qualifications, experience and investment which they do not actually have, and subject competent experienced engineers and webmasters to identity theft after denying all opportunities.
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